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Characters in The Legend of Snow Wolf

Li Kung – young alchemist, accomplished doctor

Pun – Li Kung’s girlfriend

Three Saints of Yunnan – Li Kung’s three mentors, old and wise and crazy

Old Gu – Li Kung’s friend, woodcutter

Ying – Old Gu’s mute daughter

Suthachai – Mongolian warrior

Jocholai – Suthachai’s best friend in Mongolia

Original Dragon House

Snow Wolf – legendary woman warrior and strategist

Fei Long – Snow Wolf’s husband, leader of the Dragon House

Su Ling – Snow Wolf’s daughter

Fei Xing – Fei Long’s younger brother

Lin Cha – Fei Xing’s wife, also known as the Old Grandmother

Little Butterfly – Snow Wolf’s maid

Red Dragon House

Master Bin – Lin Cha’s son, twin brother of Lord Xu, nephew of Snow Wolf, leader of the Red Dragon House

Fei Fei – daughter of Master Bin

Dong – Fei Fei’s brother, son of Master Bin

Cricket – Fei Fei’s youngest brother, son of Master Bin

Butcher – powerful warrior with double swords

Flute Demon – woman warrior with a half flute half sword weapon

Old Snake – poison user

Tao Hing – Old strategist

Red Headbands – Elite cudgel users, trained by the Flute Demon

Gentle Swordsmen – Elite swordsmen, trained by the Butcher

Green Dragon House

Lord Xu – Lin Cha’s son, twin brother of Master Bin, nephew of Snow Wolf, leader of the Green Dragon House

Jian – Lord Xu’s son

Stump – Lord Xu’s adopted son

Black Shadow – Mysterious invincible warrior

Thunder Broadsword – Powerful group of broadsword users

Chaos Spearmen – Elite group of spear users