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Chinese names

One of my struggles when writing my first martial arts epic, Legend of Snow Wolf, is in portraying simple, easy to remember Chinese names in English.  Strange how D’Artagnan is so much easier to remember than Wei Bin, even though I’ve had so many problems pronouncing D’Artagnan when I was young.

Now, with another novel and a new cast of characters, I can’t help but worry about the names.  People would never confuse Daniel and Danielle, but would have trouble differentiating Tong Wu and Tong Po.  This is the dilemma with Chinese names.

Names of Martial Arts Techniques

Should I involve more martial arts this time?  Martial arts in Wuxia fiction is, of course, different from what we know of in real life.  Techniques in Wuxia fiction are portrayed with tremendous exaggerations to the point of magical and fantastic.  Yet, the world of martial arts epics is so well established, so deeply embedded in Asian literature, that the unbelievable feats and superhuman skills become the norm.  Read more